Beat the heat and stay COOL this summer with a custom stainless steel misting system.

Monsoon Irrigation offers the best in misting nozzles, high pressure pumps, and stainless steel tubing. If your TIRED of not being able to enjoy your back patio during the HOT Arizona summers give us a call for a free estimate. These misting systems are not at all like you would see in your big box store. Our custom misting systems come with a 1000 PSI pump that creates the finest mist you can find and will cool the surrounding by nearly 30 degrees!!!

Have you ever been to a restaurant patio that had a misting system running and thought to yourself, that would be great to have around my patio. That is exactly what you will get but much BETTER!!  And don’t worry about Tucson’s hard water. All our custom misting systems come complete with a calcium filter, preventing hard water buildup. You will also get a free bottle of nozzle cleaning solution to help keep your system running clean and efficient. Call today to get a free estimate scheduled, you will be glad you did and so will all your friends and family.