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Monsoon Irrigation, LLC
Copper Pipe and Back-Flow Installation

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Professional Copper Pipe and Backflow Installation

We are one of the only irrigation contractors in Tucson that specialize in soldering copper pipe. This is because we want you to enjoy a leak free system for years to come. We know pvc pipe won’t last in the Arizona sun and we know steel galvanized pipe won’t last with our hard water quality. You will never have to replace your above ground water lines after we convert them to copper. Other irrigation contractors will not and have not mastered this technique nor will they. Don’t settle for below average materials and call us today.

And when it comes to BACKFLOWS we know that a quality installation begins with a quality product. That’s why we offer and install only the highest quality backflows such as APOLLO. These backflows are tested and proven to not only last but also offer the best in water flow and are mechanically solid. We stand behind these backflows 100% and they are used in all our new irrigation installations, repairs and replacements.





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