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Monsoon Irrigation Specializes in Drainage Installation

Drainage installation is one of the most necessary components of any landscaping job or irrigation system. French drain installation is necessary to collect and remove groundwater before it causes problems like erosion or flooding. Hiring expert technicians from Monsoon Irrigation in Tucson, AZ, will ensure you don’t have any unexpected and costly problems with your irrigation systems or landscaping. Call Monsoon Irrigation today to get a free estimate for drainage installation.

There are many benefits to artificial drainage systems such as French drains. A French drain installation is a quick, low-maintenance way to preserve the beauty and health of your outdoor living spaces without having to spend a lot of money on drain installation or repairs. At Monsoon Irrigation in Tucson, AZ, we’re happy to provide you with a free estimate for drain installation. Our experts can also recommend the right irrigation system and landscape lighting for your needs.

Components of French Drainage Systems

The most crucial components of a French drainage installation are perforated drainage pipes, filter fabric, and gravel. A drain installation without fabric and gravel won’t last as long, because the drain may become clogged with dirt and rocks over time. A skilled technician will first create a trench, lay it with gravel, and then overlay it with landscape fabric. The fabric will keep rocks and dirt from washing in. Then he will insert the drainage pipe on top of the fabric, adding more gravel to cover the pipe completely to protect it. Outside of the water collection area, non-perforated pipes are used to transport the water to a designated area. The trench is then filled and covered with sand, topsoil, and turf. The area with non-perforated pipe is backfilled using the soil dug out of the trench.

Benefits of French Drainage Installation

The appropriate drain installation will collect unwanted water and redirect it elsewhere, preventing your lawn, patio, driveway, or landscaping from becoming flooded. French drain installations divert your groundwater so that your lawn stays dry and your house’s foundation isn’t flooded. French drain installation can also eliminate standing water that may be the source of bad odors and mosquitoes.

French drain installations require little maintenance. Once you have hired an expert technician to design and install your drainage system, there isn’t anything for you to do other than enjoy your outdoor living space! There really isn’t a downside to getting a free estimate for a drain installation in your yard as soon as possible.

Backyard Drain Installation

Depending upon the soil in your backyard, as well as the slant of the yard and the proximity of an irrigation system to your house’s foundation, a French drain installation may be necessary to keep groundwater from flooding your home. The combination of wet soil and water rushing from gutters after the rain may necessitate an increase in the capacity of your foundation drainage.

A French drain installation will improve your backyard drainage. An expert technician can assess the area and determine what type of drain installation is necessary. Older homes that have foundation issues most likely do not have adequate drainage installation; however, an expert can easily assess the area and recommend the right drain installation for your needs. This type of drain installation may be more involved, and consulting an expert is crucial to protecting your home.

Drain Installations in Yards

Drain installations may also be beneficial in your front yard, or even adjacent to a driveway. In areas where there is sudden, heavy rain, your yard or driveway may develop wet, muddy areas that take a long time to drain. French drain installation along an uphill edge of your yard will alter the path of the water flow, keeping it from pooling in your yard or driveway. Pooling water can cause dead grass, foul odors, mosquito breeding, and can seep into your foundation, causing structural damage. If you’re having any kind of standing water or drainage issues in your yard, it’s time to contact an expert to talk about drain installations and irrigation solutions.

Protect Your Foundation

An adequate drainage installation is crucial to ensure your irrigation system functions properly, your landscaping remains protected, and to prevent the flooding of your foundation and/or basement. Poor drainage can be caused by sudden, heavy rainfall, such as during monsoon season in Tucson, AZ. It can also be caused by a broken irrigation system, or impermeable layers of soil. Hiring an expert technician to guide you through the process of landscaping, installing an irrigation system, and drain installation is the key to creating an outdoor space that is functional as well as beautiful. The right drain installation can protect your home’s foundation from flooding and necessitating costly repairs.

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