Helpful Advice on Irrigation Repairs

According to the National Irrigation Council, irrigation is a process of artificially applying water to land for the purpose of agricultural production. Irrigation systems offer many benefits, but when things go wrong with them, it can be frustrating, and fixing the problem may seem complicated. Thankfully, with some helpful tips, you can learn how to properly address irrigation system issues and know when to call in a professional for irrigation repair. Here’s some advice to keep your irrigation system running smoothly all season long.

Look For Simple Solutions First

Before calling a specialist for irrigation repair, see if you can spot an easy fix. Check to see if the sprinkler heads are pointed in the wrong direction or blocked by grass. Adjust or clear any obstructed spray nozzles. Examine lines for leaks and tighten any loose connections. Check the filter and clear out any debris clogging the system. Turn the water on and off to test for pressure changes that indicate leaks. Simple solutions like these will save you the cost of a service appointment.

Evaluate the Sprinkler Heads

Rotary sprinkler heads with rotating streams are prone to wear and tear over time. Check that the heads are rotating fully and evenly distributing water. Look for clogged nozzles or damaged gears. Replace any heads that aren’t rotating properly or have broken parts. For stationary spray head types, inspect the nozzles for clogs and clear any blocked holes. Replace the entire head if it won’t stop leaking. Your local irrigation professionals will have the parts you need.

Know When to Call in a Professional

Some irrigation problems require an expert’s diagnosis and repair skills. If you have leaks in underground pipes and lines, it’s best to get a pro to find and fix the buried damage. Extensive wiring issues, controller malfunctions, and mainline or valve problems also call for a licensed irrigation specialist. The cost of professional repairs is worthwhile to correctly fix bigger issues that you won’t be able to remedy on your own. Calling in an expert protects your system from further damage.

Repairing and maintaining your irrigation system doesn’t have to be intimidating. Start with simple troubleshooting like adjusting spray patterns, clearing clogs, and replacing damaged sprinkler heads. For more complex problems, it’s critical to seek professional assistance. Knowing when to tackle irrigation issues yourself and when to call in reinforcements will keep your system operating smoothly. If you’re in need of irrigation repair, call Monsoon Irrigation today to schedule an inspection of your system.