Adding outdoor landscape lighting to your home's exterior is an easy yet lovely method to improve its aesthetic appeal.

You can install energy-efficient lighting for your landscaping in a few simple methods. Let's explore it.

1. Use the Power of Energy-Efficient Bulbs:  CFLs are four times as efficient as incandescent bulbs, in addition to LEDs.

2 Think About Your Bulb Voltage:  Using low voltage bulbs for your landscape lighting is another option to conserve energy and money.

3 Use motion sensors:  These economical lights only turn on when they detect movement and stay on until the activity stops.

Put your lights on timers and program them to only turn on when it becomes dark outside by timing your lighting.

Think About Light Height: How high you install your outdoor landscaping lights might have a surprising impact on how energy-efficient they are.

When you're prepared to illuminate your outside areas but want to do so in an energy-efficient manner, get in touch with monsoon irrigation