If you're thinking about installing an underground irrigation system, a DIY sprinkler system is a fantastic temporary fix.

DIY Sprinkler System Design: The sprinkler body has a 15-foot water cast and can water a grass that is up to 700 square feet in size.

Wrap pipe tape around the threads on one end of the 1/2-inch riser to attach it to the sprinkler spike base.

Push the rotator stream nozzle all the way down into the sprinkler body to fit it in.  So that the water spread equally

Turn the male-threaded end of the sprinkler timer to the female-threaded end of the dual metal shut-off hose "Y."

Connect the mid-point sprinklers to the final two corner sprinklers using the final two 25-foot hoses.

On each sprinkler, position the rotator stream nozzle just past 90 degrees. check to see if they are pointed at the grass.

To install an in-ground irrigation system, contact a qualified landscaper or irrigation business. Contact Monsoon Irrigation