French drain installation is a necessary if you've been noticing indicators of water damage in your yard. To learn all the installation hacks, swipe up.

Pick the proper location: Make that the drainage system for runoff water you select either empties into an existing drain or into a body of water, such as a retention pond.

Start digging: Ask your neighborhood utility company where they have installed utility lines. You absolutely don't want to harm those in any way.

Trench lining: After the trench has been dug, you must keep the French drain clear of debris, tree roots, and silt.

Pouring the gravel: To serve as bedding for the drainage pipe, pour and crush around three inches of gravel.

Pipe Connection: Make sure all the fittings are in place so that your pipe may extend from the inlet grate to the outflow point.

Upkeep: You have the option of covering the ground with gravel or turf. There will occasionally be a need to reseed turf.

There are two different kinds of French drain systems. You just heard how to set up the one that is most frequently utilized.

To have a French drain installed on your lawn, contact us. It beautifies your garden in addition to aiding in the drainage of stagnant water.