Mother Nature cannot maintain your grass for you. Your grass will eventually begin to appear burned and turn yellow.

Uneven Watering: Check your lawn for areas with pools of water or drenched driveways and walkways. That is one of the sign

Lack of Pressure: A zone or head that is not spraying water as it should because of a loss of pressure is malfunctioning.

Sprinkler heads: that sputter may be responding to a valve or pressure issue when they begin spraying off-target.

Dripping Control Valves: The valve's job is to ensure that the appropriate amount of water is delivered to each region of your yard.

High Water Bill: If your monthly water bill starts out unusually high, you should have a professional inspect your irrigation system.

Spring is the best time to tune-up your sprinkler system and to make sure all parts are functioning correctly

We advise inspecting your system in the spring and searching for these five indicators that your sprinkler system requires maintenance.