Many people rush to spend more hours outside before it gets too cold as the summer draws to a close.

Unfortunately, because to glare and poor placement, many outdoor lighting choices can make it more difficult to see after nightfall.

1. Path lights The lower you can keep them from the ground, the less glare they will emit. It is intended to light up a path and look attractive.

2. Step lights  Some step lights shine light indiscriminately in all directions, including into your eyes.

3. Lanterns Avoid clear glass and visible candle-shaped bulbs when selecting lanterns to help prevent glare.

4. Pendants Just like lanterns, pendants over the entrance should either utilize low-wattage lamps and dimmers or altogether avoid bare bulbs.

5. Spotlights Because the light they create is frequently pointed straight into your eyes, many spotlights and security lights make it more difficult to see.

6. Downlights Standard interior downlights are generally not a good choice for outdoors, as their wide light distribution equals increased glare.

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