Outdoor lighting can add that extra bit of security to your home. But with all that it can do, you’ll want to choose the best wattage for outdoor lighting.

To begin with, wattage is the unit of power used to measure your electricity consumption, so yes, wattage matters because it can have a significant impact on your monthly bills.

Does Wattage Matter?

This fixture is a great solution for outdoor use, and has an exceptional light output. Just make sure that the light you need is 40 Watts or lower.

Since most LED lights range from 20-to 40, you can find great outdoor lighting from your favorite brands and models, this light is the perfect addition to your landscape.

It’s important to consider how much wattage you need for a specific space. This will help determine your total wattage needed inside your house, and then how many fixtures you need.

LED Lights has the highest efficiency and reliability, plus low heat of incandescent lights. You can showcase your lovely lighting at night without worrying about your monthly electric bill.

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