Taking the effort to select the best sprinkler system for your lawn's specific needs will help you save water.

We'll go over the advantages and cons of the most common residential irrigation systems so you can make the best decision.

Spray sprinkler heads are the traditional option. Like a shower nozzle, their spray pattern remains constant. They are available as pop-up or above-ground structures.

These systems are ideal for tiny lawns with difficult-to-reach spots. If you have a lot of corners, hardscaping, or places with varying water requirements

If you go around your neighborhood, you'll probably notice a lot of oscillating sprinklers. This type is made up of a metal or plastic tube with several sprinkler holes.

An oscillating sprinkler may be the perfect sprinkler for you if you have a traditional backyard with a rectangle expanse of grass.

They can handle a wide range of sizes as long as the shape is constant, and they work well with both low and high levels of water pressure.

A stationary sprinkler (sometimes known as a spot sprinkler) could help you. You can select one of three pre-set patterns: square, rectangle, or circular.

It's easy to become overwhelmed by all of the alternatives available. Assessing your specific landscape will help you narrow it down and make the best option.