Several things are necessary to know before installing a French drain. For information on typical French drain errors and how to avoid them, keep reading.

A French drain seems like a high-tech gadget. But in reality, it's merely a gravel trench with a pipe embedded in it to direct water away from your house.

Not understanding zoning restrictions: In your location, drainage projects may be prohibited by zoning laws, community regulations, or building codes.

Neglecting the Direction of Water Flow: It's critical that water flow away from your property in the proper direction.

Failing to Figure Out the Slope: Erosion may occur in the discharge area if the slope is not correctly calculated. The drain needs to be planned appropriately.

Not Lining the Trench: The fabric must overlap the fabric on the low side of the trench on the high side.

Using the Wrong Gravel: The suitable drainage rock is essential. Therefore, you should choose round natural stones as fill material.

It's crucial to correctly build a French drainage system. Pooling in the drain system might result from poor installation.  Contact us to learn more.