Top 6 benefits of a French drain system 

A French drain is essentially a fancy sloped trench that directs water away from areas where it is not desired.

Prevents standing water

French drains prevent puddles by controllingly channelling water toward the exit point of your choice rather than allowing it to pool at a low spot in your lawn.


Can install yourself

This job can be done by you if you have some experience with landscaping and home repairs.


prompt installation

Whether you hire a professional installer or do it yourself, installing a French drain takes only a short while. 


Attractive in appearance

You can customise the gravel colour for a French drain, creating the ideal border for a lawn or accent for a garden.


Erosion control

A French drain enables heavy rains to sink into the trench and be safely transported away without disturbing the topsoil.


Reduces harmful rainwater runoff

Stormwater is kept away from the soil by the pipe and landscape fabric in a French drain. This way, it goes directly to the waterway.


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