5 Advantages of Sprinkler Systems for Your Landscape

Having a healthy lawn requires a lot of maintenance. You can’t simply mow the grass once a week and call it a day. Lawns need ample water to ensure they continue to grow and don’t die. Today, many homeowners are investing in water and irrigation systems to help them with the task. According to IBISWorld, the market size for these systems is $97.8bn in 2024. Sprinkler systems offer several benefits.

1. Efficient Watering

Grass requires water to live, but this can be challenging during a drought. Without ample rain, the grass will die. Walking through the yard with a watering can or hose is unrealistic. Instead, you can turn on your sprinkler system and stay out of the heat.

2. Water Distribution

It’s almost impossible to water grass evenly by hand. Using a hose usually floods the grass, which can also kill it. When you invest in a sprinkler system, you can trust that all of the grass is evenly watered. It won’t be too dry or wet which ensures it’s healthy.

3. Water Conservation

Sprinkler systems are placed in critical locations to ensure they deliver water directly to your plants and grass. The direct delivery ensures you don’t waste water because it runs off your property or winds up in areas where you don’t need extra water. It can save you money on your water bill, and it’s better for the planet.

4. Consistent Watering

Ensuring you’re home to water plants or grass every week is exhausting. However, without a sprinkler system, you’re at the beck and call of your yard. On the other hand, a sprinkler system can run anytime, even when you’re enjoying a relaxing vacation on the beach.

5. Increased Value

A sprinkler system is a great way to increase property value. They are inexpensive compared to other renovations but offer a fantastic ROI. First, you’ll enjoy a higher property value because your home has better curb appeal and is well-maintained. Then, you can add a portion of the system’s cost to your house’s total price.

Sprinkler systems can run off a timer to make caring for plants and grass effortless. At Monsoon Irrigation, we specialize in sprinklers, landscaping, outdoor lighting, and more to ensure your yard is gorgeous. Contact us today to learn more!